Whilst counselling , I seek to provide a safe space for clients to identify concerns and explore how and what they are feeling. I want to help clients come to terms with what might be challenging them and find healthy ways of coping and expressing themselves.

I encourage clients to share any worries or problems and together we will explore a range of development theory and techniques for coping.
I believe that change can be assisted by some parental input and encourage involvement in the work where possible. I therefore offer support sessions for parents or family, which may help with understanding and promote communication with the young person, child or adult.

I offer an initial consultation session where together we discuss any particular challenges or concerns. If you wish to proceed, counselling sessions could be weekly, working alongside school commitments. I recommend a minimum of 8 weekly appointments, or longer if required. If you are over 18 you may self-refer and contact me directly to arrange a meeting.

Confidentiality: I will not discuss a child or young person’s counselling sessions with parents or schools unless the client wishes me to do so, or there is a concern relating to a safeguarding issue.

Please also note that under the Children’s Act, 1989 counsellors are required to report any child protection concerns to social services.